Beauty is more than skin deep

Featuring a 48mm thick solid timber core and fitted with the Ultion lock, Solidor is the UK’s most secure composite door. No home should be without one.

Solid Timber Core

Every Solidor is manufactured using a unique 48mm design, which is 10% thicker than most of the other composite doors on the market.

At the heart of a Solidor is a 44mm thick engineered timber slab, constructed using different grades of wood to ensure the optimum strength, durability and thermal efficiency.

This slab is then wrapped in a 1.7mm PVC skin to ensure that it looks great and is protected against the elements.

This unique combination gives you the great looks of a timber door, with all the functional benefits of more modern materials.

Made in Britain

At Solidor we’re immensely proud to be flying the flag for British manufacturing. Each and every door that we make is built right here in our Staffordshire production facility.

Timber Core

The Solidor slab is the result of many years development and contains different layers of carefully selected wood. The outer timbers are more dense, ensuring rigidity, quality and providing a tough shell. The timber used in the heart of the door performs in a different way, acting as an insulating material that provides excellent thermal efficiency.

This is all wrapped in a weather resistant PVC outer skin. As a result of this combination, the door is robust, extremely secure and it looks absolutely amazing.


The cylinder is the interface between you and the door. In recent years there has been a trend for intruders to attack the cylinder, as it had been a potential weak point. Not so with the Solidor!

Every Solidor is fitted with an Ultion cylinder, a revolutionary cylinder that, in the event of an attack, goes into 'lock-down' mode, ensuring that your property remains protected.

ABS Skin

The outer layer of a Solidor is made from a 1.7mm PVC skin. This is the same stuff that Lego is made from (and you know how tough that is!)

Every Solidor skin is made with Thru-Colour™ Technology. This means that the skin is made entirely from one colour and is not simply a blank white sheet that has been painted. No white scratch marks on a Solidor.

Locking Mechanism

Security is just as important as style whenever you buy a Solidor. As a result we use only the best, most reliable hardware. From our Avantis multi-point hook lock, to the Winkhaus Automatic Heritage mechanism, we make sure that your door performs as well as it looks.

Unique Security Hinge

When it came to selecting the type of hinge that we hung our door on we really struggled. We just couldn’t find one that performed the way that we wanted.

In the end, we decided to design our own! It allows for adjustment, is robust and durable and also great looking!

Energy Efficient, Secure Glass

No matter what style of door you choose, we have the perfect glass option to go with it. Our complete range of double & triple glazed units are Argon filled, use Warmedge spacers, and have a Low E coating. This maximises energy efficiency by enabling the door to deflect cold and retain warm air.


The Ludlow

Britain’s most popular door style
The Ludlow combines all the elegance of a traditional Victorian doorway with the added benefit of being created out of modern materials.


The Alnwick

Influenced by the 1920’s Art Deco era the Alnwick features a large glazed unit which is perfect for those wanting to allow maximum light into their hallway.


The Beeston

The perfect choice for a front or back door the Beeston is also a popular choice for a stable door.


The Berkeley

Largely inspired by the Georgian period the Berkeley features two small glazed units, making it a great choice if you’re looking for additional privacy.


The Conway

A versatile door style which can be completely solid, feature one top fan light or fully glazed so that you’re able to take advantage of the many glazing options available.


The Edinburgh

A modern take on a traditional door style. The Edinburgh features two elongated glazed units making it the perfect alternative to the traditional Victorian four panelled door style.


The Flint

The Flint range is perfect for bringing the countryside aesthetic to the front of your home. This range contains eight different door styles which are proving to be a popular option for a stable door.


The Harlech

This door style is suited to gable ended properties and looks great in a bold colour option with contrasting frame.


The Contemporary Italia Collection

A luxury range of 19 exclusive door designs, inspired by the Italian passion for style and design


The London

Appropriately named after a similar styling of doors found in the capital during the Edwardian era. Its distinguishing feature is its arched glazed panel at the top of the door. Perfect for showing off a decorative glass design.


The Nottingham

Features two arches glazed panels allowing for maximum light whilst giving a much softer finish to that of the Ludlow.


The Stafford

A large central arch is the focal point of this door style, making this a great option for a front or back door.


The Tenby

Available as a solid option or featuring two or four glazed units, the Tenby is a timeless classic that will look great all year round.


The Thornbury

An understated door design that’s well suited to woodgrain and lighter colours. The Thornbury is a great choice for a back or side door.


The Windsor

The Windsor is designed to complement both traditional and contemporary homes and is perfectly suited for a front or back door.

The Pastel Range

A beautiful collection of subtle pastel shades taking our industry leading range of colours to 23.

This beautiful new collection of pastel hues has been designed to complement any home, and they come in a matt finish to provide an understated elegance to your new door.


Fresh and floral

Cobalt Blue

A colour that shouts prominence
and pride

Twilight Grey

Understated, yet incredibly stylish

Did you know?

Every Solidor is coated in a 'through colour' skin acrylic skin. This

robust thermo plastic

makes them incredibly durable, and because the skin is made from a solid colour (and not painted), if you scratch the surface you will never see white lines. So there's no need to touch up or repaint!

Glass Options

Transform your entrance with decorative glass from Solidor. You can choose from bevelled, coloured and textured glass to really make your doorway stand out.



Caledonian Rose






Diamond Black White



Etched Squares



London Etch Border



Park Lane Bespoke



Quad Black



Square Lead


Trio Square Red

Zinc Art Star

Furniture Options

You can customise your Solidor even more with our extensive range of beautiful door furniture.

Whether you're looking for something contemporary or traditional, you will find an accessory to make you door really stand out. There's also the revolutionary Lock Lock handle Lock which removes the need for a key on the inside. That means no more searching for your keys. Plus, you get to lock your door more securely than you ever have before.





3 Star Protection

Ultion meets the highest TS007 standard (3 star) without needing to be bolstered with cylinder protectors or extra secure door handles.

Sold Secure Diamond

Sold Secure Diamond is a test developed in conjunction with The Master Locksmith Association. Diamond is the ultimate standard.

Exceeds building regulations

The Solidor Collection is an outstanding range of industry leading, solid laminate, timber core composite doors. Each Solidor exceeds building regulation requirements and combines traditional and contemporary styling with a full range of Secured by Design locking which provides a stunning, high quality and secure entrance to any home.

Solidor composite doors are manufactured to the highest standards. We hold BSI Kite mark accreditation BSI ISO 9001 for quality management, BSI EN1279 for insulating glass units. We are also PAS24:2016 certified, hold CE Marking and Secured by design licences, are members of the prestigious GGF and Association of Composite Doors.


Durable Outer Layer

Each unique solid timber core is completely encapsulated within a highly durable plastic edge banding and two thermo plastic door skins.

Strong Hardware

Each Solidor exceeds building regulation requirements and combines traditional and contemporary styling with a full range of Secured by Design locking which provides a stunning, high quality and secure entrance to any home.

The Alnwick Range

Makes for a great alternative to traditional Victorian designs and allows maximum natural light to shine through to your hallway.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Alnwick Range

The Berkeley Range

Contains two immaculately styles glazed units to help entice the natural light of the sun.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Berkeley Range

The Edinburgh Range

A wonderful alternative to the classic Victorian four panelled door style, thanks to its two elongated glazed units.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Edinburgh Range

The London Range

Its timeless beauty is down to its most distinguishing feature; the arched glazed panel.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the London Range

The Italia Range

Carefully designed and crafted from the finest materials, every door within this collection has a definitive style inspired by the Italian passion for design.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Italia Range

The Conway Range

Sympathetically styled to compliment most properties, from period to modern.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Conway Range

The Beeston Range

A great choice for a front or back door, and the most popular choice for a stable door.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Beeston Range

The Windsor Range

The Windsor is an inspired design that's perfectly suited for either the traditional or contemporary styled home.

Available in 23 colours

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The Ludlow Range

Our most popular door style. It’s easy to see why.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Ludlow Range

The Harlech Range

A popular choice for properties with gable end features.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Harlech Range

The Nottingham Range

A unique door style with real appeal for traditional properties with arched features.

Available in 23 colours

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The Stafford Range

A stylish alternative to a dual glazed door style and it looks great on any property.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Stafford Range

The Tenby Range

A timeless classic which will compliment every home.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Tenby Range

The Flint Range

The perfect option for cottages, farmhouses, side doors and stable doors.

Available in 23 colours

Shop the Flint Range

The Thornbury Range

A timeless classic which will compliment every home.

Available in 23 colours

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