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Any other questions you may have about our composite doors may be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions.


What colours are available?

We supply our doors in 20 fabulous colours that can be used in any door style.

We can use any colour on either side of the door, in any combination!

Colours available with a matching outer-frame are denoted by *

  • Tangerine
  • Midnight Grey
  • Irish Oak *
  • Peacock Blue
  • Chartwell Green
  • French Grey
  • Lavender
  • Duck Egg Blue
  • Twilight Grey
  • Painswick *
  • Schwarzbraun Black *
  • Anthracite Grey *
  • Golden Oak *
  • Rosewood *
  • Cream *
  • Black
  • White *
  • Green
  • Ruby Red
  • Blue

The combinations of available frame colours are:

Same colour internally and externally


Select a  * Colour externally, with standard White internally

The only exception is Foiled White which comes internally and externally only

What is the guarantee on my Solidor?

Solidor provide a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee to trade customers.  This guarantee is not transferable to any third party (e.g. Homeowner).

Homeowners buying through a Solidor retailer are advised to check terms of the guarantee offered by their chosen retailer prior to purchase.

In the unlikely event that there is an issue with your Solidor, please contact your chosen retailer.

If any Goods (or component parts of Goods) are not manufactured by the Supplier, the Supplier will use reasonable endeavours to pass on to the Customer the benefit of any applicable manufacturer’s warranty.

What glass designs have optional backing glass?

Glass Designs

We have a large selection of  attractive decorative lead and bevel patterns which come with a “built in” textured, obscure or clear backing glass glass . Therefore, these units do not require an additional backing glass to be selected. These specific designs are listed below:

Other Glass DesignsIf you see a glass design in our brochure that is not listed above, it will be a double glazed unit and eligible to have a backing glass selected as we have the option to use a textured / obscure backing glass from the Pilkington range with any of these designs as they are manufactured on site in Stoke on Trent, along with the doors in our factory.

Abstract Double Glazed
Blind Double Glazed
Brilliante Double Glazed
Caledonian Double Glazed
Clarity Double Glazed
Dorchester Double Glazed
Elegance Double Glazed
Etched Squares Double Glazed
Linear Double Glazed
London Etch Border Double Glazed
Matrix Double Glazed
Modena Double Glazed
Park Lane Bespoke Double Glazed
Potomac Double Glazed
Prairie Double Glazed
Reflections Double Glazed
Royale Double Glazed
Simplicity Double Glazed
Victorian Double Glazed
Zinc Art Star Double Glazed
Fairmount Triple Glazed
Paramount Triple Glazed
Tate Triple Glazed
Gaumont Triple Glazed
Wiltern Triple Glazed

What is Secured By Design and pas 24?

Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products. At Solidor, we are proud to be an SBD accredited member.

Our products have been tested at a UKAS accredited test house and have achieved:

  • BS PAS 24:2016 Enhanced Security Requirements in line with document Q approval.

How do I obtain additional keys for my Solidor?

When ordering your door, it is important to choose whether you would like to have either 6 keys (recommended) or 3. Please make sure that you advise your installer on this at the earliest opportunity.

If you already have your Solidor, extra keys can be ordered at any point by contacting the lock cylinder manufacturer (detailed below). All you need to do is provide the code that is engraved into your original keys.

Brisant-Secure Ltd email address:  01924 410200

Where can I view and purchase Solidor doors in my area?

At Solidor, we manufacture and supply our doors nationally to our valued trade customers all across the country. Due to this, we have set up a network of Solidor installers and suppliers who will be able to assist with quoting, surveying and installation in your local area.

All you need to do is visit and enter your postcode. Here, you will see a full list of local contacts that will be able to help in your area. If you choose to visit a local Solidor Supplier, you will be able to obtain professional advice; and if a premium installer, view our products in all of their glory before purchasing.

What are your maintenance and care guidelines?

This is available via the following link

Can I paint a Solidor?

It’s natural to think about painting our doors as the finish has an authentic timber look. However, it is not faced with timber and is finished with an ABS plastic skin and a UPVC edge banding material. This finish combined with our solid timber core means the door is virtually maintenance free and will never require painting.

If you wish to paint the face of one of our doors or have it sprayed a different colour, it can be done but we must emphasise that the door is not designed to be sprayed. Should you take on this task, please be aware that your warranty will not cover any damage to the skin or its finish.

What is a U-Value?

U-values measure how effective a material is as an insulator. The lower the U-value is, the better the material is as a heat insulator. There is a balance between achieving optimum benefit that you will receive from a door which is opened many times a day and achieving high security standards. As of 15 June 2023, doors fitted into existing dwellings must achieve 1.4 W/(m2.K).

Solidors have a thermally efficient design that achieves a U value of 1.4 W/(m2K). Our timber core doors have added design features that drive an overall performance improvement and allow us to offer customers the same broad range of choices, suitable for any installation.


What locks can I have and what handle choices are available with each lock?

View all the locks and handles options

  1. AvantisLever handles / lever pad  (split spindle operation)Description- As standard we fit our exclusive Avantis Secured By Design locking systems. With larger hooks top and bottom for added strength, the Avantis lock also gives you the industry’s largest 25.4mm dead bolt for added security. Operation – This locking system is supplied for use with doors that require lever handle operation only. Lifting the handle will engage the two hooks (one top, one bottom) and a large dead bolt. Turning the key will secure the handle in a locked position.Should it be required, split spindle operation can be achieved when used in conjunction with off-set lever, or lever pad handle sets from our Mila door furniture range.Split spindle operation definition – The Avantis lock has two offset spindle drives, one of which retracts the dead bolt, hooks and latch, and one that will only retract the bolts and not the latch. Used in conjunction with a handle where the inner and outer levers or pads are offset, the external handle will not retract the latch, thus you will always need a key to enter the property when using both spindle drives.
  2. Winkhaus
    1. AV2 Range
      1. AV2This lock has been tested in Doors to PAS 23/24 Enhanced and is Secured by Design accredited. Enhanced performance using Low Friction hook thrust plates, for smooth precise operation. The lock will automatically engage fully, by simply closing the door. This lock is exclusively provided as standard with our Solidor 88 and Solidor R9 product range. The AV2 is a “slam shut” lock meaning that the hooks will engage automatically as the door is closed.Operation – The locking points can be disengaged / retracted by using either a key, or a lever handle set.In either case, the door will automatically lock again once it is closed. When using lever handles, a turn of a key is required to secure the handle.This gives the flexibility to pick any door style with or without lever handles and still keep the auto locking feature. As always, this lock can be supplied with a standard cylinder or a thumb-turn cylinder.
      2. AV2 Heritage – This lock has been tested in Doors to PAS 23/24 Enhanced and is Secured by Design accredited. This lock features Enhanced performance using Low Friction hook thrust plates, for smooth precise operation. Description – The Heritage lock is a member of the AV2 “slam shut” family. The lock will automatically engage fully by simply closing the door. AV2 Heritage slam shut locking system places the euro profile cylinder at a similar “eye level” height to a traditional round cylinder pull which can be found commonly on Georgian and Edwardian doors. We supply the lock with traditional finger pull escutcheons so that an external pull handle is not necessary, but still an option.From the inside, the door can be opened by an internal thumb turn. From outside, a simple quarter turn of the key will retract the locking points and allow access. There is no need for any other actions unless you wish to dead bolt the door. The dead bolt can be engaged from either side of the door with a single turn of the key/thumb-turn.This is a great option for those who wish to retain the heritage and character of their property with the convenience of a hassle free, modern day auto locking door system.
      3. AV2B (Keyless system) Description– The AV2-B is a member of the AV2 “slam shut” family, the lock will automatically engage fully by simply closing the door, however as part of the automatic multi-point locking system it offers a keyless locking solution by means of a battery pack – ideal for the 21st century.Unique benefits:
        • Lock engages automatically and is secure as soon as the door is closed.
        • Remote control fob to un-lock the door. (One fob supplied)
        • No mains electricity supply required as it is operated by 4 x standard alkaline AA batteries.
        • The lock has an operational mode option actuated by a switch on the inside of the door face.

        The AV2B can only be supplied with lever handles. There is a two way switch on the inside of the door face which allows the customer to select the mode of operation.

        Mode 1    Standard lever operation, this will allow the door to be opened from the inside and the outside without requiring a key or a key fob.

        Mode 2    Split spindle operation (This is the standard mode of operation for this system) this operation will require a key or a key fob to gain entry.

        Further description and operation

        The AV2 family of locks are referred to as “slam shut” locking mechanisms. The lock will automatically engage, by simply closing the door. While the door is closed, the hooks are always fully engaged but the door is accessible by pulling down the lever handle from inside. If the door is deadlocked using a key all mode of operation is disabled.

        Access from outside either requires a key or the use of the supplied remote key fob. Clicking the fob will engage the external handle for a limited time enabling entry from outside. The external handle will become dormant after approximately seven seconds which leaves the door in a fully locked position and inaccessible from outside (until the fob is depressed or a key is used again). As always, the lock is fully engaged while the door is in the closed position (but not locked if in mode 1).

        The AV2B provides a simple, flexible means of achieving a high security keyless system without the hassle of hard wiring or the requirement of any electrical works or expertise.

      4. AV2E (Electric lock)This lock has been tested in Doors to PAS 23/24 Enhanced and is Secured by Design accredited.● A Mechanical AUTOMATIC Multi-Point Hook locking system, which throws two hooks as the door is closed without the need to lift the handle levers, securing the door.● Locking achieved by two 25mm throw Hooks.The lock incorporates a 12v electric motor capable of causing the mechanism to withdraw the hooks and latch. The motor can be powered by a door entry system or activator that is capable of 1A (stabilised) at 12VDC.Operation-Dependent on the door entry system or activator (sourced separately) that is used, there are a number of ways to operate the door. Typical methods of operation are the use of a key fob for keyless entry, or remote unlocking in communal buildings and apartments to allow visitors access. The system can always be operated by a key if the electric motor is not in use. 
    2. Key Wind-upNo Handles requiredDescriptionThis lock has been tested in Doors to PAS 23/24 Enhanced and is Secured by Design accredited.A major feature is an enhanced tensile steel hook design with a 4.5mm chamfer which offers reduced operating forces and increased on-site installation tolerance.This locking system is entirely key operated.OperationThe wind up mechanism is a perfect solution for homeowners who wish to forgo the typical lever handle and opt for something more contemporary.As the lock is entirely key operated, no lever handles are required. This makes way for the use of our stylish STAINLESS STEEL pull handles which can be found in our Italia Collection.The lock itself is fully engaged or disengaged by turning the key 3 full turns and then a final “click” to retract the latch. On closing the door, the latch bolt will engage automatically as usual. This means that a key is always required to enter the property.As standard, we supply a key-key cylinder meaning that a key would be also required to open the door from inside as well as outside. Alternatively, we can supply the door with a thumb-turn cylinder upon request so that the lock can be operated from inside without a key. A form of pull handle must be specified for the inside and outside of the door with this locking system.
    3. Tru-LockTraditional Ironmongery Handle SetsDescription and Features-This lock has been tested in Doors to PAS 23/24 Enhanced and is Secured by Design accredited.This lock has a split follower mechanism supplied in a fixed Left hand or Right Hand configuration (Lock is Handed).Enhanced performance using Low Friction hook thrust plates, for smooth precise operation.Tensile steel hook design with a 4.5mm chamfer offers reduced operating forces and increased on-site installation tolerance.Operation and usesThe Tru-lock is another high quality, highly accredited lock which we use for a very specific purpose. It is used exclusively in conjunction with our traditional ironmongery handle sets. These handles rely on a sprung spindle in the locking mechanism to return them to their neutral position. The lock itself is fully compatible with this requirement. Additionally, the Tru lock has a split follower spindle drive which will enable in-line “split spindle” operation should it be required. Lifting the handle engages the full lock, turning the key secures the handle.

What are the door min and max sizes?

843mm min. 1013mm max width

1983mm min. 2193mm max height *calculated with standard UPVC threshold and a cill

For any sizes outside these parameters, please speak to an installer as we can manufacture smaller and narrower in certain instances.

What door styles can I have a letterbox with?

To find out which door styles can have letterboxes please contact your installer.

If you are an installer, please access your cloud account.

Can I see a copy of the company ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate?

Quality Management System 1S0 9001: 2015

Certificate of Registration: FM 560743 ISO 9001-2015 Certificate

  • Kitemark License - Doors
  • Kitemark License - Insulating Glass Units
  • BSI - ISO 9001
  • UK CA
  • Secured by Design
  • G16 Finalist
  • Kitemark License - Doors
  • Kitemark License - Insulating Glass Units
  • BSI - ISO 9001
  • UK CA
  • Secured by Design
  • G16 Finalist

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