Door Care Simple steps to prolong the life of a Solidor

Composite door maintenance is minimal in comparison to traditional wooden doors but there are a few simple ways of keeping the appearance and functionality of a Solidor in pristine condition.

Step-by step monthly tasks

Put a recurring monthly date in your diary reminding you to clean your Solidor, something that should only take a few minutes and is extremely easy to do. Those living in a coastal area or close to a busy major road may need to clean their door more frequently.

Cleaning your Solidor

• The door frame and door panelling can be cleaned using a soft sponge and warm soapy water, washing up liquid or hand soap.

• Dry the surface with a soft lint free cloth.

• The external glass can be cleaned with a traditional glass cleaner.

• Avoid using harsh chemicals and solvents. Some of these products have the potential to damage the ABS door skins.

A Solidor front door

Polishing the door hardware

• The handles, letter plate, knocker, hinges, and all other door hardware should be given a thorough cleaning with a soft cloth and warm soapy water, washing up liquid or hand soap.

• Never be tempted to use a strong cleaning agent as it may damage the finish of the hardware.

• To remove residue on stainless steel door furniture use a wadding cloth.

A doorhandle on a Solidor Edinburgh

Step-by-step yearly tasks

Certain components of a Solidor (lock, handle, hinges etc.) only require your attention once every 12 months to keep the door working as smoothly as when you originally bought it. Your yearly Solidor to-do list should consist of the following:

Lubricating your Solidor

• Begin by opening the door and placing a dust sheet underneath the door, before lubricating all moving parts.

• Apply 3 in 1 oil or silicon spray to the lever handle and the multipoint locking mechanism and hinges. You can also add a small amount of grease to the hooks and deadbolt to increase the smoothness of
the operation.

• Lift the handles up and down 6 times to ensure that the lubricant works its way through all parts of the mechanism. Alternatively, wind the key several times if you do not have a door with lever handles.

• Those who are extra attentive may want to do this twice a year.

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