Dabbling with decor

December 11th 2019

Every year we really enjoy seeing how you dress up your Solidors in readiness for the festive season.  It’s great that there are so many different variations and we love how you come up with ideas to make the most out of your front door.

One such Soldior homeowner that we’ve been admiring is @dabblehomes who this year decided to put her crafting skills to the test and make her own Christmas wreath.  We we’re so impressed with her skills that we asked her to share with you her inspirations and tips on how to make the perfect wreath…..

Dabbling with decor

Ever since I bought my Solidor, I have dressed it up for each season. Any excuse to make my new door stand out even more.

This Christmas I decided to make my own festive wreath. For me, personally, the making of a Christmas wreath is part of the festive season. I love making something bespoke to brighten up the dark days in December.

Wreath making has really taken off, it’s become an all year trend (something I discovered on whilst scrolling through Instagram). I’ve enjoyed looking at all the different types of door decor so much that I even created a little hashtag #wreathie so that I could share all the gorgeous wreaths that I’ve spotted from up and down the country.

According to ‘holiday insights’: Wreaths have a significant meaning for the season. Its circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end.

While you can hang a wreath anywhere, inside or out, external doors are the most traditional place for them to be seen. They also make a great first impression.

You can always create them as a centre piece on your table too. Wreath making is an easy way to bring some festive magic to your home. You can create a traditional wreath with holly, berries and pine cones or you can go for full glitter and add baubles.

Pinterest and instagram have lots of creative ideas to make your wreath stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have the time to make your own wreath then don’t worry there are so many beautiful faux wreaths online. My local florists have an incredible display of handmade wreaths this year. I always try and shop local when I can.

I made my wreath with cuttings from my friends Christmas tree. I had the wire wreath so I just started making a base. Next I added in some foliage including fresh eucalyptus and dried corn. I also sprayed some of the dried flowers silver. I found some vintage baubles in my local charity shop and popped them in to add some colour and texture. To finish it off I added in my copper star lights.

You can use an upside down stick on plastic hook on the inside of your door, connecting the wreath by a long ribbon or garden wire.

You can also buy a wreath door holder or suction hooks which are both fine to use on your new Solidor.

Take the opportunity to express yourself in the way that you dress your door this Christmas, it’s a great way to personalise your front door and make it a welcoming feature when your guests arrive to celebrate with you.

It’s your door, make it say something about you. There is a style to suit everyone!

So there you have it, a guide to making your very own Christmas wreath by the lovely @dabblehomes

If you’re feeling inspired and decide to to put your crafting skills to the test then make sure you tag us in your posts using #FesitiveSolidor




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