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Five ways to decorate your door for Easter

March 15th 2024

While it might not seem very long since Christmas, Easter is already nearly upon us. And as we welcome in a new season, it’s time to start thinking about ways in which you could decorate your home for the occasion.

You’ll likely have seen plenty of Easter-themed decorations suitable for interior use, but have you considered jazzing up the front of your house and bringing your front door to life?

In recent years, the trend for doing this – known as doorscaping – has really taken off, as people aspire to make their homes as aesthetically pleasing, ie Instagram-able, as possible.

We’ve gathered some inspiration for you if you’re keen to try out some doorscaping of your own this Easter. Here are five creative ideas to get your holiday off to a “cracking” start, without damaging your door.


1: Free-standing signs

Something that requires minimal effort would be displaying an Easter-themed sign. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from religious to playful

Just like at Christmas when people often put out ‘Santa, please stop here’ signs, you can buy similar ones for the Easter bunny. This would help to make the season especially exciting for children.


2: Flowers

It’s no wonder that spring is a popular season, as lots of beautiful flowers bloom at this time of year. And one way of brightening up your home’s entrance is to display some.

Why not consider buying or making your own basket of tulips? Or, if you’re feeling more extravagant, install a floral archway.

There are plenty of different colours to choose from, meaning you can perfectly coordinate with or complement your front door.

The bright yellow of daffodils would look lovely in front of a pastel blue or green door, while the purple tones of hyacinths and crocuses would be ideal alongside a grey or wood-finish backdrop. Of course, if your front door is a darker shade then any bright colours would work really well. Ultimately, you can cater for your taste depending on your preferences.


3: Flowerpot stakes

On the theme of flowers, if you have any free-standing pots containing any, and/or shrubbery, then a simple way of introducing a theme is to add some stakes.

Much like the signs, there are plenty of options to choose from and you can have some fun with them. We’ve seen everything from eggs and bunnies to chicks and flowers.

Often, people will use them for egg hunts if they’re hosting one. For example, you could use them as clues or signposts. Because who says egg hunts have to be restricted to the back garden?

You could even involve children in making your own themed ones. Just make sure they’re not around when you place them, or that might spoil the fun!


4: Ornaments

Shops are full of Easter-themed ornaments at this time of year and, often, there are plenty that are suitable to use outside.

You might already have ornaments in place year-round, and this could provide an excuse to replace them for a little while and change things up a bit.

You could display ornaments along your pathway, beside or inside flowerpots, or right outside your front door, of course. Just take care not to trip over any!


5: Doormat

Lastly, why not consider freshening up your entrance with a new doormat?

Chances are if your existing doormat has been in place throughout the winter, it has become tired and possibly dreary; designs tend to fade before too long, which is hardly unreasonable given what they endure on a daily basis!

Head to your local homeware store, where you are bound to find plenty to choose from.

The humble doormat is something that’s not only decorative but practical as well. What’s not to like?


To see some “egg-cellent” door decoration in action, follow us on Instagram @Solidorltd.

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