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Providing dream doors for Cara Delahoyde-Massey and family

May 1st 2024

Having met and formed a connection on series two of the ITV show in 2016, Nathan and Cara entertained the nation with their down-to-earth personalities and flirty banter. After winning the show, they went on to marry in 2019 and are now parents to two children – Fred and Delilah.

These days, they share insights into their family life with their 2 million+ combined followers on social media.

Remaining relatable

Despite achieving a level of fame and fortune by appearing on television, Nathan and Cara are just like any other young parents.

“We’re an absolutely bonkers, relatable family,” said Nathan. “We like to keep it this way as we understand that the reality of family life is chaotic – so we don’t try to be anything we’re not.

“I think that’s really important in this day and age, when social media can be so polished. All parents go through the same things, and we want people to realise that we’re just a normal family navigating the highs and lows of raising two children.”

“As professional content creators and influencers, we understand that you have to remain relevant to your followers,” added Cara. “Many of them are on this journey with us as young families, which is why we like to film what we get up to day to day.”


Home sweet home

The family live in a detached country home in a rural part of Kent, which they love.

“We weren’t looking to move but after I spotted this house back in 2021, I set my sights on it,” said Cara. “Some might think we were crazy to move house with a newborn in the middle of a pandemic, and it did take eight months of added stress, but it was so worth it.”

The property was built in 2003 and the original oak doors had become tired looking and warped over time, which left the house feeling draughty.

“We were getting fed up with the house being so cold all the time,” said Nathan. “Gaps had formed between both door frames and doors, which meant all the heat from inside the house was escaping.”


Selecting the right installer

This provided the main motivation for buying new front and back doors. Having heard good things about London-based door installer Afforde Doors through word of mouth and been impressed by their work on Instagram, the couple decided to contact them.

The team from Afforde Doors spoke to Cara and Nathan about their tastes and requirements and recommended Solidor.

“Everyone we dealt with at Afforde Doors was super helpful when it came to designing the doors,” said Cara. “They made the process really easy by working with us to find the perfect composite doors without compromising on the character of our home. We prefer more traditional styles over modern finishes.”

Wanting the new doors to complement the country cottage feel of their home and maintain the wood effect, Cara and Nathan opted for the Edinburgh in Golden Oak with Park Lane glazing and black hardware for their front door, and the Flint Square stable door in Golden Oak with satin glazing for their back door.

Installers from Afforde Doors fitted both Solidors within one morning, which really impressed the couple.

As a former carpenter, Nathan has knowledge of the construction industry and was won over by Afforde Doors’ workmanship.

“We couldn’t be happier with both doors, but the back door is a firm favourite. Cara has always wanted a stable door,” said Nathan.


Stylish and practical stable doors

The young mum said she loves the fact that the stable door is ideal for her family as they have a large dog, and the split-level garden isn’t ideal for children if they were to get out unsupervised.

It means they can enjoy all the conveniences of having the door open – including the ability to let fresh air in and get rid of cooking smells, she says – without having to compromise on safety.

The heat retention has not gone unnoticed by the couple, either, as they have been enjoying all the perks of a much warmer and more comfortable home. Visitors have all had positive things to say about the new doors, too.


Letting the light in

The couple had realised that they wanted more natural light in their hallway without jeopardising privacy too much, which is why they chose two frosted panels for their new front door.

However, one thing they didn’t anticipate was just how much of a difference this would make.

Now that their front door has two glass panels running down it, as opposed to a very small window towards the top, it has transformed the feel of their hallway.

“Our hallway is like a totally different space,” said Nathan. “It’s now so much airier and I’d say the new panels have really increased the level of natural light coming in.”

“At first, it took some getting used to,” Cara added. “I kept thinking the door had been left open because it was so light – something that used to happen fairly often with our old doors. But now, we don’t have to worry about that being an issue as the doors automatically lock behind us. It’s great for peace of mind and security, especially when you’re dashing out with two young children in tow.”

Check out Nathan and Cara’s new doors by visiting their Instagram accounts: @nathanmassey_ and @cara_delahoyde

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