Meet The Team – David Massey, Projects Manager

February 17th 2015

Next up in our regular monthly introduction to each member of the Solidor team is our Project Manager, David Massey, who has taken time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his life in and out of work.

Name and Job Role

David Massey – Projects Manager

How many years have you worked at Solidor?

2 years

Which is your favourite Solidor range, and why?

I think it would be a choice between the Tenby 2 in a Mocha colour and the Pisa with abstract glass. I think the Tenby 2 is the best of the traditional designs – it has some glass to let light through and the four moulded sections show off the feature work. I am trying to get my landlord to get one put on my house at the moment!! If I was going for a modern design, then the Pisa with Abstract would definitely be the one. Combined with the ES23 “smiley face” handle – the door really stands out.

Proudest moment/ achievement at Solidor?

Though I have only been here a relatively short time, I would say that moving into my current role as Projects Manager is my best achievement.  It is really allowing me to get my teeth into implementing a new software system and being involved from the ground up is a real privilege and chance to hopefully make a significant improvement on how we will be working going forwards.

What does an average day for you consist of at Solidor HQ?

My current (huge!) project is building-up a new and improved version of our processing software. This will ultimately lead on to developing software for use throughout the entire business – from procurement and stock management to after sales customer service, so it is massive job.  But I’m up for the challenge!!

Hobbies and Interests:                

I would love to say I’m all about health and fitness but that would be a lie!!! Though I still enjoy swimming regularly and did once compete – though at a very junior level and a very, VERY long time ago!! I also enjoy walking and hiking, especially somewhere I have never been before.  My major vice is that I am a massive film buff. I have a frankly worrying amount of films at home which I barely ever seem to get time to watch. I will give any genre a try – though Twilight and Fifty Shades are A little too far out of my comfort range!!!

Which football (or other sports) team do you support?

Aston Villa (so not much to shout about there!!)

What would be your dream car?

Either a McLaren P1 or an Audi R8 would do nicely.

If you could have any celebrity or public figure purchase a Solidor composite door for their home, who would it be? And why?

Van Damme – he could do one of those 80s-throwback adverts like he did for lager showing how the Muscles from Brussels couldn’t get through a Solidor!!

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