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Flint Beeston Duck Egg Blue
Flint Square Cream
Flint Solid Walnut
Flint 2 Peacock Blue
Flint 1 Cream
Flint 3 Cream
Flint 4 Painswick
A Solidor Flint front door in French grey
Flint 5 French Grey
a Solidor Flint Beeston front door in cream
Flint Beeston Cream
Flint Square Chartwell Green
Flint Solid Irish Oak
Flint 2 Painswick
Flint 1 Chartwell Green
A Solidor Flint door in Chartwell Green
Flint 3 Chartwell Green
Flint 4 Walnut
Flint 5 Foiled White
Flint Beeston Chartwell Green
Flint Square Blue
Flint Solid Green
Flint 2 Walnut
Flint 1 Blue
Flint 3 Blue
Flint 4 Irish Oak
A Solidor Flint door in duck egg blue
Flint 5 Duck Egg Blue
A Solidor Flint Beeston front door in blue
Flint Beeston Blue
Flint Square Black
A Solidor Flint front door in golden Oak
Flint Solid Golden Oak
Flint 2 Irish Oak
Flint 1 Black
Flint 3 Black
Flint 4 Green
Flint 5 Cream
Flint Beeston Black
Flint Square Anthracite Grey
A Solidor front door in French grey
Flint Solid French Grey
Flint 2 Green
Flint 1 Anthracite Grey
Flint 3 Anthracite Grey
Flint 4 Golden Oak
Flint Chartwell Green Composite Door
Flint 5 Chartwell Green
A Solidor Flint Beeston in Anthracite Grey
Flint Beeston Anthracite Grey
Flint Square White
Flint Solid Foiled White
Flint 2 Golden Oak
Flint 1 White
Flint 3 White
Flint 4 French Grey
A Solidor Flint door in blue
Flint 5 Blue
Flint Beeston Painswick
Flint Square Schwarzbraun
Flint Solid Duck Egg Blue
Flint 2 French Grey
Flint 1 Schwarzbraun
Flint 3 Schwarzbraun
Flint 4 Foiled White
Black Flint door
Flint 5 Black
A Solidor Flint Beeston door in white
Flint Beeston White
Flint Square Rosewood
A Solidor Flint in cream
Flint Solid Cream
A Solidor Flint 2 front door in foiled white
Flint 2 Foiled White
Flint 1 Rosewood
Flint 3 Rosewood
A Solidor flint front door in duck egg blue
Flint 4 Duck Egg Blue
Anthracite Grey front door
Flint 5 Anthracite Grey
Flint Beeston Schwarzbraun
Flint Square Red
Flint Solid Chartwell Green
Flint 2 Duck Egg Blue
Flint 1 Peacock Blue
A Solidor Flint door in Peacock Blue
Flint 3 Peacock Blue
A Solidor Flint front door in cream
Flint 4 Cream
Flint 5 White
Flint Beeston Rosewood
Flint Square Peacock Blue
A Solidor Flint front door in blue
Flint Solid Blue
A Solidor Flint front door in cream
Flint 2 Cream
Flint 1 Painswick
Flint 3 Painswick
Flint 4 Chartwell Green
Flint 5 Schwarzbraun
A Solidor Flint Beeston door in luxury mocha
Flint Beeston Walnut
A Solidor Flint door in Painswick
Flint Square Painswick
A Solidor Flint solid front door in black
Flint Solid Black
Flint 2 Chartwell Green
Flint 1 Walnut
Flint 3 Walnut
Flint 4 Blue
Flint 5 Rosewood
Flint Beeston Irish Oak
Flint Square Walnut
Flint Solid Anthracite Grey
A Solidor flint in blue
Flint 2 Blue
Flint 1 Irish Oak
Flint 3 Irish Oak
A Solidor Flint front door in black
Flint 4 Black
Flint 5 Peacock Blue
Flint Beeston Green
A Solidor Flint door in Irish Oak
Flint Square Irish Oak
Flint Solid Painswick
A Solidor Flint door in black
Flint 2 Black
Flint 1 Green
A Solidor Flint front door in green
Flint 3 Green
Flint 4 Anthracite Grey
Flint 5 Painswick
Flint Beeston Golden Oak
Flint Square Green
Flint Solid White
Flint 2 Anthracite Grey
Flint 1 Golden Oak
A Solidor Flint front door in golden Oak
Flint 3 Golden Oak
Flint 4 White
A Solidor Flint front door in luxury mocha
Flint 5 Walnut
Flint Beeston French Grey
A Solidor Flint in golden sand
Flint Square
Flint Solid Schwarzbraun
Flint 2 White
Flint 1 French Grey
Flint 3 French Grey
Flint 4 Schwarzbraun
Flint 5 Irish Oak
Flint Beeston Foiled White
A Solidor Flint Square front door in golden oak
Flint Square Golden Oak
Flint Solid Rosewood
Flint 2 Schwarzbraun
Flint 1 White
A Solidor Flint front door in foiled white
Flint 3 Foiled White
A Solidor Flint front door in rosewood
Flint 4 Rosewood
A Solidor flint front door in green
Flint 5 Green
Flint Beeston Lavender
Flint Square French Grey
A Solidor Flint in Peacock Blue
Flint Solid Peacock Blue
A Solidor Flint door in Rosewood
Flint 2 Rosewood
Flint 1 Duck Egg Blue
Flint 3 Duck Egg Blue
A solidor Flint front door in Peacock blue
Flint 4 Peacock Blue
Flint 5 Golden Oak
Flint Beeston Twilight Grey
A Solidor flint in foiled white
Flint Square Foiled White
Flint Solid Lavender
Flint 2 Lavender
Flint 1 Lavender
Flint 3 Lavender
Flint 4 Lavender
Flint 5 Lavender
Flint Beeston Ruby Red
Flint Square Duck Egg Blue
Flint Solid Lavender
Flint 2 Twilight Grey
Flint 1 Twilight Grey
Flint 3 Twilight Grey
Flint 4 Twilight Grey
Flint 5 Twilight Grey
Flint Beeston Midnight Grey
Flint Square Lavender
Flint Solid Ruby Red
Flint 2 Ruby Red
Flint 1 Ruby Red
Flint 3 Ruby Red
Flint 4 Ruby Red
Flint 5 Ruby Red
Flint Beeston Tangerine
Flint Square Twilight Grey
Flint Solid Midnight Grey
Flint 2 Midnight Grey
Flint 1 Midnight Grey
Flint 3 Midnight Grey
Flint 4 Midnight Grey
Flint 5 Midnight Grey
Flint Square Ruby Red
Flint Solid Tangerine
Flint 2 Tangerine
Flint 1 Tangerine
Flint 3 Tangerine
Flint 4 Tangerine
Flint 5 Tangerine
Flint Square Midnight Grey

Doors from the Flint Cottage Range are the perfect fit for British cottages

It's fast becoming the number one choice for homeowners with cottages, farmhouses or for those looking for a side door option, thanks to its vertical paneled appearance. We have also added a contemporary twist to the design with the introduction of single or triple diamond shaped glass features to broaden its appearance. It's also proving a great option as a stable door.


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Flint composite door options


Not only does Solidor offer the market’s widest range of composite doors, but we can also offer our customers the option of a traditional, sculptured or a modern chamfered door frame in 9 colours. These are manufactured from lead-free materials by Kömmerling, one of Europe’s leading PVCu extruders. We can also offer a range of Stormguard low thresholds, while are all mobility friendly.

23 Colours


Prepare to be overwhelmed with options when trying to settle on the right finish for your Solidor. We now have 23 different colours available, ranging from contemporary finishes like Chartwell Green and Duck Egg Blue, to traditional favourites such as cream and black. You’ll be pleased to know that you can have your design finished inside and out, so feel free to choose contrasting colours for both sides of the frame.

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glass options from Solidor


It goes without saying that glass plays a hugely important role in the overall appearance of your front and back door. Solidor is able to provide you with numerous decorative glass options for your chosen design including bevelled, coloured and textured glass. Simply tell us which type of glass you prefer and our designers will integrate it into the door so that you get something that feels truly unique to you.

Door accessories


We can help you enhance your door with a wide range of accessories including handles, door knockers and letter plates. We can even offer many of them in several finishes including modern brushed steel, contemporary chrome, traditional gold, new black chrome, black and white. Handles can even be specified in a tube, flat or swept shape and we have 4 door knocker options from the traditional to the contemporary.


We can now offer an exclusive range of handmade traditional ironmongery including handles, knockers and letterplates that can add a real touch of class to any door. There are 5 door handles in the range, along with a stunning ring knocker, available in black and pewter. These exciting new products are proving particularly popular on doors destined for villages and the countryside.

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ultion lock door hardware


For a secure home you need a secure door and they don’t come any more secure than a Solidor. Not only does it consist of a 48mm thick solid timber core, but it also comes ready fitted with the Ultion lock cylinder as standard.


It seems only fitting that the UK’s most secure composite door now features the country’s most secure locking system; the Ultion.

It’s called the ‘Ultion’ because it offers the ultimate in locking protection, capable of sensing an attack and subsequently engaging via a hidden lock to prevent intruders gaining entry, even when snapped twice.

Analysis has shown that the Ultion easily outperforms the very best 3 star locks in a variety of different tests and when locked, stays locked.

No key, no chance of burglary; the Ultion really is that good.

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solid timber core composite doors


Unlike the majority of other composite doors on the market, our products are truly solid. These other inferior doors are manufactured in the Far East and contain foam, which is not good for the environment. The Solidor range of doors is manufactured using a solid timber core that’s obtained from fully sustainable sources. It’s also 48mm thick, 10% thicker than the nearest alternative.

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