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What does the colour of your front door say about you?

October 24th 2017

Have you ever walked passed someone’s home, looked at the colour of their front door and thought “I wonder what kind of person lives behind it?”

We’ve mentioned before that your visitors make a judgement about you within seconds of seeing your front door.  Now we’re going a step further by picking five popular colour choices from our industry leading range and telling you the hidden meaning behind each one.

  • Anthracite Grey

A top colour trend for front doors at the moment. Grey is a colour chosen by the most style conscious of homeowners. It’s timeless and will look great all year round.

A grey door will tell visitors you’re sophisticated, quite reserved and mysteriously ambiguous.

People visiting can expect a stable and protective environment when they come inside.

  • Rich Aubergine

 This opulent purple hue is as bold as it is beautiful.  It’s sure to make a statement and get heads turning.

Purple is often associated with royalty and signifies that you’re a free spirit, ambitious and that you aren’t afraid to take the odd risk.

Your visitors should expect the unexpected when entering your home.

  • Chartwell Green

Green is the colour of nature, it symbolises growth and harmony. Having a Chartwell green door suggests that you take pride in your home and that you’re community spirited.

A green door also indicates that you’re a traditionalist who is fond of home comforts.

Those visiting can expect a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere when stepping inside.

  • Blue

A blue front door suggests that your home is your refuge.  It’s a place where you’re able to shut out the noise of everyday life and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Blue is said to be a colour chosen by the most intelligent of people and is associated with someone who has depth and is very loyal.

People visiting can expect a tranquil and calm environment when arriving at your home.

  • Black

The colour of the most iconic entrance in Britain – No 10 Downing Street.

A black front door tells visitors that you’re a consistent and conservative person who exudes authority but also has a mysterious side.

Your visitors should expect a formal yet elegant home when they visit.

Does any of this ring true?  It’s likely that the colour you’ve chosen for your front door reflects your personality and projects how you’d like to be seen by the outside world.

However if you’ve inherited your front door from the previous owner, is it sending out the right message?

Maybe it’s time for a change………

Solidor offer 20 beautiful colour options. You can even chose to have a different colour inside and out. To see the full range of colours available from Solidor click here There’s sure to be a colour to suit you and your home.

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