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A splash of colour for summer

June 6th 2019

The official first day of summer is just around the corner (June 21st) and it’s a great time to give the front of your home a cheerful boost and add some extra kerb appeal.

How? add some colour…..

Colour says a lot about you.  From what you wear, your car and even to your front door, colour is a wonderful way to show who you are as a person.

Your current front door might be the standard white Upvc door that you inherited when you moved in, it may well be a GRP door where the colour has started to fade.  Maybe you’ve been thinking of updating your front door but have been putting it off as there’s been other projects around your home that took president?

Well there’s no time like the present as they say….

Unlike the 80’s where every door on the street was white, there are so many different colour options when it comes to choosing your new front door.

If you like to keep up with current trends then you’ll no doubt know that pastel hues are “HOT” for 2019 so lets take a look at Solidor’s pastel range…..

Lavender Pantone 5285

Much like its namesake Lavender is fresh, floral, and will look great on both out Traditional and Italia door styles.  You can make a feature out of your entrance by adding planters and hanging baskets to frame your door with contrasting colours green, orange and deep purple for maximum impact.

Cobalt Blue Pantone 7683

This colour is deeper than sky blue but lighter than navy, Cobalt blue is a colour that shouts prominence and pride. The boldest hue within this new range is also said to inspire a sense of safety and serenity, making it the perfect option for a new front door.  This colour looks great with chrome fixings and you’ll be able to accessorise further with some chrome planters either side of the door to complete the look.

Twilight Grey 7544

A hue with subtle undertones of pale green and blue (depending on the light). Twilight Grey will give the front of your home a fresh, modern and elegant feel all year round

Sitting between dark Anthracite Grey and lighter French Grey, Twilight Grey is one of this year’s top colour trends with experts suggesting that this hue will evoke a feeling of tranquillity and stability.

Not sure that our Pastel Range?  Click here to see all 23 of our colour options.

If you aren’t ready to change your front door just yet but still want to add some zooish to your entrance this summer then no problem, a wreath’s not just for Christmas you know…..

Adding a colourful summer wreath or an address planter is a great way the brighten up the entrance to your home.  They don’t have to be expensive either as there are lots of great hints and tips on how to create your own on Pinterest Click here

(Image credit Selina Lake)



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