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Different Doors Explained

May 22nd 2017
There are so many different options for front doors today which makes deciding which is best for you & your home difficult.
To help your decision making process that little bit easier we’ve summerised the top five types of external doors
1)   The uPVC front door
There was a time not so long ago when the uPVC would be found on almost every home.  When uPVC doors launched they presented themselves as a great alternative to the expensive timber door.  Not only are they far less expensive they also perform well thermally, are very weather resistant and require little to no maintenance.
By opting for this material you’ll be limited on the colour options that you have and unfortunately if you’re looking for a modern style you’ll be hard pressed to find one in uPVC.
Finally if you’re looking for heightened security features then this isn’t going to be to door for you.  Filled with polystyrene and at 28mm thick they are considered to be easy to break into.
2)      Veneered Timber Door – The perfect door for an avid DIY’er!
You’ll find this door at any DIY superstore across the country for a very reasonable price.
Once you have your door you’ll need to buy a high quality lock and should invest in a draft excluder for the winter months to keep the drafts out.  Maintenance is key with this type of door. You’ll have to sand it annually and then re-varnish it to keep it looking great.
You should be aware that this type of door is vulnerable to the changing weather   conditions. So you may find that the door will stick within the frame at certain points throughout the year.
3)   GRP Composite Doors. (The GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic)
These doors are usually around 44mm thick and filled with a high-density polyurethane foam.  They are the most thermally efficient of the five front doors in our list.  It’s also good to know that unlike the veneered timber door GRP doors require much less maintenance.
One drawback with a GRP door is that the skins are prone to visible scratching because the colour is applied onto a white skin. Because of this you may need to use the odd pot of touch up paint.
If you’re looking for enhanced security with your new door then it’s important to know that 7/10 composite doors available are not PAS24: 2016 Certified, so ask before you buy.
*PAS24- 2016 Certified – doors have been put through stringent physical and weather   testing including attempting to cut a 50mm hole through the door in under 3 minutes.
4) Timber core composite door (this is where Solidor sits)
As aesthetically pleasing as a tradition solid timber door but using modern, low maintenance materials.
Unlike GRP, timber core composite doors have ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) skins which interestingly is the same material used to make Lego.  The ABS provides a robust thermo-plastic door skin, making them incredibly durable.  The added bonus with this door skin is that it’s ‘through colour’ so scratching is minimised and there’ll be no need to touch up or repaint.
Timber core composite doors are thicker than the previous types at 48mm, the core comes from sustainable forests and is easily recycled.
The timber composite doors available from Solidor are manufactured here in the UK and come in a variety of gorgeous traditional and contemporary styles.  They’re also available in an industry leading 20 colour options so you’ll be really spoilt for choice.
In terms of security, this type of door surpasses the uPVC and GRP.  They are PAS24   Certified and Secured by Design licenced and come with the Ultion 3* lock cylinder as standard.
Solidor’s already the most secure composite door on the market.  With its solid timber core and independent accreditations from all of the relevant bodies, it offers you real peace of mind.  And you can’t put a price on peace of mind, right?
Well, you can now.
With Solidor’s 5 Star guarantee.  Buy a Solidor fitted with a 3 star Ultion cylinder and 2 star LockLock handle and your door qualifies for our £5,000 homeowner guarantee.
Upon registration, your home will be covered for up to five thousand pounds of uninsured   losses.
No other door manufacturer can offer you that.
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5) Solid hardwood front door
Beautiful and bespoke but with a hefty price tag.  This type of door is a real luxury and there’s no denying that it will look fabulous on any home.
Because this door is completely natural you’ll have to be prepared to take care of it.  You’ll need to sand it down and reapply the paint or varnish on a yearly basis.  By not showing this door the care it requires you can expect it to crack, absorb moisture and ultimately rot which would be a great shame.
If you want to find out more about the Solidor Range please click here

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