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Solidor – Inspiring you with colour!

June 28th 2016

In my last blog “Explaining Door Security” we spoke about how security is the highest priority for customers when selecting new doors and windows.  This month I want to talk about another of the most important things to get right when you select a new door – the Colour!

I think most of us desire a little more kerb appeal where we can get it. If this includes you, read on and I’ll tell you how to get there and provide some key tips.

Composite doors started life as a revolutionary product but with very few colours options to choose from, this still is the case for most manufacturers.

Good news for all of us is that Solidor now provide an industry leading selection of 20 off the shelf “through-colour” finishes, along with 9 corresponding outer frame colours. This is a unique offering for the composite door sector.
When we consider the combined door and frame options, there are actually 11,000 + permutations! Now really is the time to choose a special door and colour that is just right for you and your home.

*Jargon busting- Through-colour ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) door skins are used on every Solidor. This means that they are not sprayed and the colours run all the way through the skin and therefore not likely to deteriorate or need refinishing for a long, long time. If you did manage to damage or scratch the door it would be barely noticeable due to the through colour design.

Let’s take a look at some of the key considerations:

Window frames –
Matching your door frame colour to your window frames is a classic approach and has a surprisingly strong influence on the overall feel of the elevation and helps to gel everything together.
Keep in mind that Solidor offer a fantastic selection of popular window frame/profile colours. This makes it easy to get a matching door frame if you want one.

Pay attention to the relationship between the colour of your brick/stone work or render and think about the colours that you will introduce by installing a new composite door.
A colour chart can be helpful here. You can mark the tones that are closest to your external masonry, plants and other features and compare them to the available Solidor colours. Mark them on the chart too to develop a colour scheme/profile. At a glance you will see the relationship and how the colours behave together. We can provide colour samples of our doors to help with this upon request.
Here are two examples featured in our latest brochure which show how careful consideration of these factors can really bring the entrance to life. The colours work in harmony and are supported beautifully by carefully chosen florals, planters etc.

Having the largest range of colours in the sector, Solidor will help to give you the flexibility to get things just right for your own home.

Good starting points and shortcuts
I for one appreciate that there many options and much to consider so I want to give you an insight into some of the most popular designs and combinations that we come across. For those with less time, this should quickly get you moving along the road to inspiration. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules, rights or wrongs, it is totally personal and up to you!
Give the following combinations a try in our door designer tool to get an idea of how they look and make tweaks to add your personal touch. Have fun with these Solidor favourites:

Ludlow /Nottingham/Harlech/Beeston/Stafford/Tenby in Chartwell Green, Painswick, Duck Egg Blue, French Grey and Black

Milano  in Anthracite Grey

Genoa in Irish Oak

Edinburgh in Golden Sand

Pisa in Chartwell Green

Tenby 4 in Irish oak

Amalfi in Walnut

London in Peacock Blue

Genoa in Golden Oak and Irish Oak

Visit our inspirations page for more tips on style, colour and accessories

Looking to make a statement?

If you want to step away from conventionalism, drop the colour chart and mix it up a little bit. Try a classic style of door but with a vibrant or “contemporary” colour. For example, the London door in our stunning Peacock Blue, a Tenby 4 in Golden Sand or a Nottingham in Rich Aubergine!

Also try this vice versa: take a contemporary door style and go for a classic heritage or pastel colour. A Milano in Painswick, a Genoa in French Grey or maybe a Brescia in Chartwell Green. It’s a little daring but you might uncover something very special.

There are interesting contrasts available for the door and frame. Toy with the idea of French Grey door with Anthracite Grey frame, Rich Aubergine door with a Cream frame or a Golden Sand door with Anthracite frame, the list is endless!

Explore the possibilities and have fun with it. Solidor give you the tools to create something special but we need your imagination to bring it together.

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