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That ‘I’m home’ feeling: The art of Solidor

December 21st 2023

Your home is more than just bricks and mortar, it’s your sanctuary, where you arrive, exhale and unwind from the hustle of the world outside. “Ahhh, I’m home…” it’s where you can be yourself, to cuddle your dog, let your kids loose, hug your other-half, or high-five your housemate. And your front door is the portal to your personal haven.

Safe haven

Your home reflects you – in all your furniture and belongings, each room containing your memories and aspirations. And you want to make sure that all these things, and the people inside, are safe and secure; so, we fit all our doors with tried and tested locking systems. You can feel at ease knowing that our doors are tested to British Kitemark standards and are approved by “Secured by Design” – the official Police security initiative. We’re confident in our locking systems, so much so, some of our lock options come with a £2000 Homeowner Guarantee in case of breakage.

Your ‘I’m home’ feeling

Your front door can reflect your style as well as ticking all the security boxes. Maybe you’re looking for something simple, or you want to make a statement to reflect your personality, or you’re looking for a door with kerb-appeal. Perhaps you want to give a nod to your homes’ interior or highlight its period features. At Solidor, we’ve got a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, so you can make your home’s entrance feel truly your own.

Coming home is comforting, and at Solidor we understand those moments. Your ‘I’m home’ feeling can start before you’ve even put your key in the lock – with a beautifully designed composite door.  A door that protects your home but also welcomes you with warmth and familiarity when you turn the key and step inside.

Design your own

If you’re looking to elevate your entrance with a door that welcomes in your ‘I’m home’ feeling every day, even if you’ve had one of those days.

You can start creating right now with our online design tool. Selecting every detail from its style and colour (inside and out) to the frame, the glass and its handles.

Start creating your ‘I’m home’ feeling, today

Solidor – Security. Style. Comfort.

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