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The Solidor guide to the perfect photo

March 13th 2017

We absolutely love seeing images of your Solidor installations, it gives us a real insight into the great work being carried out by our wonderful customers.

And we want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible photographs, shots that really show off just how skilled you are as installers.  So to help, we’ve come up with The Solidor guide to taking the perfect picture…..

By following these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to creating some fantastic shots that can be used across all different types of media – both print and digital.  And you never know, they might even nab you the title of Solidor Installer of the Month!

No expense needed!

You don’t need to splash out hundreds of pounds on an expensive camera to get the perfect shot.  Nowadays the camera on your phone is more than up to the job.

Get permission

Before getting snap happy, check with the homeowner that they are comfortable for their home to be photographed.  Chances are they will be flattered but it’s always advisable to check.

Set the scene

Start by tidying the area around the door. Remove any tools or packaging out of the area.

If the homeowner has any nice flower pots, planters or hanging baskets use these to frame the door.

Keep it steady

The way that you hold the camera will make a difference to the end result.  You should always try to keep the camera as steady as possible. No one wants a blurry picture!

Try taking the first shot from about 10 feet away, then take the next one from five feet away. Keep checking your shots and then adjust your distance until you get a shot that you’re happy with.

Quirky Angles – don’t just shoot straight on.  Try varying heights and angles to make the picture more interesting.

Up Close and Personal – close shots, combined with wider ones are a great way to pick out features.  Great way to highlight nice furniture or other accessories.

Take lots and lots of pictures.  The more you take, the more chance you have of getting that great shot.  Once you’ve found it, you can always delete the unwanted ones later.

Software – Gimp is a free alternative to Photoshop but there are others out there to help enhance your images.

Lights, Camera, Action

You’d think that natural sunlight would be great for taking a great photos, but it’s not.  Try to avoid the midday sun which usually lasts from around 11am – 3pm.  Strong light, can cause there to be a sharp shadow. This may have an impact on how the door looks and a lot of the detailing can be missed.

Reflections – If the door has glazed panels, try to angle the image so that we can’t see your reflection.  Likewise if your van is in the background it might worth moving it a few feet forward so that it can’t be seen.

We love happy homeowners

If your customers aren’t camera shy, ask them to be in the photo.  This type of photo is great for creating an emotive response from potential new customers and looks fab on your website. 

Finally have fun with it!  These images are the best way for you to show your work to the masses so get creative.

Keep tweeting, Facebooking and emailing us your shots, we really do love seeing what you’ve been up to.


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  • Kitemark License - Doors
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  • Secured by Design
  • G16 Finalist

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