How Secure is a Solidor?

January 18th 2017

Keeping your home and your loved ones safe and secure is probably going to be high on your list of priorities when deciding to purchase a new front door.

With so many composite doors available in today’s market it can be a difficult task deciding which one to invest in.

As security is such a central factor, it is important to look at the different accreditations that the doors come with as these give you an indication of just how secure the door you are buying is.

It’s great that we tell you that we have these accreditations, but what do they actually mean to you, the homeowner?

Let’s take a look…

PAS24: 2016 CertifiedAn “of the moment” accreditation that everyone in the industry is talking about.

Put simply PAS24:2016 is designed to assess how secure the door is.  It does this by simulating the attack usually associated with the casual or opportunistic burglar.

PAS24-2016 is also a requirement for the Secured by Design Licence, which we will come to later.

In security terms, our doors have been put through stringent physical and weather testing including attempting to cut a 50mm hole through the door in under 3 minutes.

Watch the Solidor 48mm Solidor timber core pass the cut through test here:

PAS24: 2016 is an important accreditation be aware of when buying a composite door.  Whether it’s a Soldior or not you should be asking if it has this accreditation.  Seven out of ten composite doors currently being sold don’t!

BSI Kitemark – A BSI Kitemark is a UK Product & Service quality certification mark.

Kitemarks are used on products where safety is important.  Although a Kitemark isn’t a legal requirement, it is universally recognised, highly regarded and well trusted.

What does it mean?  It means that the British Standards Institution has performed independent tests on the product.  When you see a Kitemark on a Solidor you have the added peace of mind that it conforms with all of the relevant British Standards.

Secured by Design licence – This is an official UK police initiative which encourages manufacturers to improve security by “designing out crime”.

In order for Solidor to have gained this accreditation, there are various standards which our doors needed to meet (including PAS24:2016 mentioned above). You can see the full list of standards relating to Doors & Windows for SBD on the Secure by Design website.

CE Mark – This is a mandatory requirement for all doors in the UK.

What does it mean? It means that the manufacturer conforms with all of the relevant EU standards.  You will find that the Soldior CE mark is clearly visible on the hinge side of the edge banding of the door.

At Solidor security is at the forefront of everything that we do, we’ve worked hard to ensure that we give you and your home the level of security that you deserve. We pride ourselves on being the most secure composite door available today and our accreditations back this up.

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