How To Design Your Perfect Solidor

January 26th 2016

The customer always comes first at Solidor as we want each and every person who chooses us to endure an unforgettable level of customer service.

We even go as far allowing customers to take full control and design their own front and/or back residential door using our state-of-the-art ‘Design a Door’ facility.

Whether on a desktop computer or out and about on your mobile device, you can craft your very own Solidor within just a few minutes.

You get to have the final say on everything, internally and externally. Pick which entrance type you like, then select your favoured frame, side panels (if you want to make it even more decorative), the handles, hinges, letterplate, glass and even how you prefer the door to open and close (inwardly or outwardly). As you select each option you will see the door being built virtually right before your eyes, so have a good play around as you can always start from scratch.

Every style and finish that you see on the Solidor site is available so make sure you incorporate your favourites in the final design.

Once you are happy with what you have created, the next step is to make an enquiry and await a quote from your local accredited Solidor installer.

You can also go through exactly the same process to create a stylish set of French doors if you’re looking to make a greater connection between your home and garden.

The finished product will be even better than what you see through your screen. You will get a full appreciation for the detailing that goes into every single element of the door and how robust the frame is.

Nobody does premium composite doors quite like Solidor that’s for sure. Begin bringing your Solidor to life right now by visiting the Design a Door page or downloading the app.

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