Meet The Team – Cameron Edmonds, Customer Service

November 11th 2014

Next up in our ‘Meet The Team’ feature is Cameron Edmonds, our sporty loving Customer Services specialist who has virtually been part of the Solidor team since the very beginning.

1)      Name and Job Role

Cameron Edmonds – Customer Service

2)      How many years have you worked at Solidor?

8 years

3)      Which is your favourite Solidor range, and why?

For me I would say the Tenby Solid is my favourite style in Chartwell Green. I think this style can be put on any type of house, old or new, and not look out of place. This in Chartwell Green with a Cream frame is exactly what I have on the front of my 18th century terraced house and it stands out a mile “in a great way”.

4)      Proudest moment/ achievement at Solidor?

My best and proudest achievement to date is working my way up from the factory floor when Solidor were only manufacturing 10 Solidors a week, (yeah that’s right, 10 a week) and now we are manufacturing 200 a day!!! To be there from the beginning and grow up with the company is something I am really proud of. And we are still getting stronger and stronger.

5)      What does an average day for you consist of at Solidor HQ?

My average day consists of helping customers get the best service I can possibly offer them. I say this on behalf of the Customer Service team as we all strive to make sure every customer gets the best possible service. I also help with any Technical Queries via email or over the telephone that anyone has to ask.

6)      Hobbies and Interests:

My main hobby is cycling. I am really into my road cycling and Mountain Biking and commute to work on a daily basis. I also do this on a weekend with the MD Gareth Mobley, travelling the country from time to time trying out different courses. I’m currently trying to get up to race fitness again with a hope to start racing competitively again next season. There are a couple of guys in the office who are also interested in cycling and when we are all free we enter into sportives to test our abilities. We recently entered the Tough Guy Challenge and all finished in the top 30 which out of 700 people is mega.  I’m generally just interested in keeping fit whether it’s cycling, running, swimming or the gym, I’m really open when it comes to sport.

7)      Which football (or other sports) team do you support?

Team Sky Pro Cycling Team

8)      What would be your dream car?

I’m really interested in the VW T5 camper vans (if you would class that as a car), in fact I’m interested in any VW campers and it would be a dream to get one fully kitted out and travel around Europe in it.

9)      If you could have any celebrity or public figure purchase a Solidor composite door for their home, who would it be? And why?

Charles Bronson – as I would like to see him break through our “Solid Core”.

10)   Anything you would like to add:

I hope to have many more exciting years to come with the best composite door company in the market with some of the best guys and girls around me………

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