Mr & Mrs Baker, Surrey

November 17th 2015

Mr & Mrs Baker have lived in their 1950s detached home in Surrey for ten years – when the wooden front door needed painting again, he decided it was time for a change. “The wooden door was here when we moved in and it’s needed painting every two years since,” Mr Baker told us. “As the front of the house is south facing, the front door gets a lot of sunshine – the colour had faded and I’d neglected it for a while, it was time to look for something new.”

The entranceway to Mr Baker’s home features a beautiful arch, meaning the door and two side panels needed to curve at the top. “I spoke to a few local companies but it wasn’t until I discovered The Milford Window Company in Godalming that I found someone who could offer me the arched door that I needed.

“I wanted a door which would be easy to maintain but I knew I didn’t want a uPVC door,” explained Mr Baker. “I looked at the foam filled composite doors, but security was a concern. Then Solidor was recommended to me and I was impressed by the hardwood core. I also really liked the woodgrain effect on the Solidor doors – it seemed more realistic than some of the other doors I’d seen.”

Mr Baker chose a Solidor Flint with Bullseye glass: “Thankfully the days have gone of having to choose from a range of standard blues and greens for a front door,” he said. “As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted a Chartwell Green door, both inside and outside – I knew it would look great against the red brick of our house and complement the painted wooden shutters on the front windows.” The Milford Window Company installed the door and Mr Baker couldn’t have been happier with the service: “They communicated well and kept me informed every step of the way,” he said. “The fitter was really friendly, he kept the area tidy and did a great job installing the door.”

Mr & Mrs Baker plans to make a number of further home improvements in the coming months, including knocking down an internal wall so that the new front door gives immediate access into the hallway. “Until now we’ve needed a secondary door to keep out the draughts, but now we’ve got our Solidor we’re going to remove that door to create a more welcoming entranceway,” said Mr Baker. “We’re really pleased with our new door – the Solidor style looks traditional, the colour is perfect, the woodgrain effect looks great and, best of all, the door feels solid and secure”.

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